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Ong Than Tai

Ong Than Tai

Name: Ong Than Tai

Description: Statue of the God of Fortune is a god in Vietnamese beliefs and some Eastern countries. This is a god according to folk beliefs will bring money and luck. People often draw him as a man with a black face, thick beard, whip in hand, riding a black tiger. Folk also called him Cai Bai Tinh Quan (????) or Zhao Gong Yuan Shuai (????). People painted him on a plate made of metal on the altar to worship. Vietnamese people often worship Mr. Than Tai on the 10th day of the first lunar month. According to Chinese legend, the god of wealth consists of 5 gods, corresponding to the 5 directions of East, West, South, North and Center. Including: Trung Bin Tai Than ???? Vuong Hoi ?? (Middle), Van Tai Than ??? Ty Can ?? (East), Pham Lai ?? (South), Vo Tai Than ??? Quan Cong ?? (West) and Trieu Cong Minh ??? (North). The god of wealth is also equated with the uncle Ty Can, the loyalist who was killed by Tru Vuong at the instigation of Dat Ky.

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