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Phat Quan Am

Phat Quan Am

Name: Phat Quan Am Statue 

Description: Quan Am is the name of a Bodhisattva named Avalokitesvara - the bodhisattva of compassion. In countries such as Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan and neighboring countries, Chinese Buddhists often worship the four Great Bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism, including Guanyin and the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra (??/samantabhadra), Jizhong (??/k?itigarbha) and Manjushri. - benefit (????/ma�ju?r?). In Vietnam, the worship of Quan Am is often seen as setting up a large outdoor statue with the image of Quan Am standing on a lotus called Quan Am Station or open-air Quan Am, worshiping in a smaller space outside in the yard called Quan Am. Quan Am, and worshiping in the house, there is an altar called Quan Am Palace. In the world of Quan Am, there are Quan Am Nam Hai and Quan Am Dieu Thien.

Size: Medium

Net Wt: 1 pcs

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